1. Q- What is the Boar Beisser?
     A- The Boar Beisser is the Ultimate Predator Defense Dog, Farm Guard, Catch Dog, & Protection Dog. The four “cornerstones” of the breed are Drive, Grit, Athleticism, & Power.
2. Q- What is the meaning of the name Boar Beisser?
     A- Boar Beisser (pronounced: Bor-By-Zer.) is a combination of the American (English) word for wild hog- “Boar” & the Olde Germanic word for biter- “Beisser”. The boar beisser was given this name because of it’s ability to catch wild hogs & also because it’s a product of Both German & American Ancestry.
3. Q- What breeds were used in the development of the Boar Beisser?
     A- The Boar Beisser was developed by a combination of bloodlines from the German Rottweiler, Johnson American Bulldog &  American Pit Bull Terrier.
4. Q- Can I breed my Boar Beisser with another breed & register the pups?
     A- No. The only way you can produce True (Registered) Boar Beissers is to breed one registered Boar Beisser to another registered Boar Beisser. 
5. Q- Is the Boar Beisser a fighting dog breed?
     A- The Boar Beisser is not bred to be a “match dog” (bred for the purpose of fighting for sport, spectating, & gambling) however the Boar Beisser is bred to be the elite in predator control, to perform this task the Boar Beisser must have an inherent desire to pursue & eliminate all kinds of farm pariah like coons, coyotes, & hogs, as well as repel large & dangerous predators such as wolves & bears. As you might have imagined it takes a dog that is very capable & gritty to be effective at this feet!
6. Q- Is the Boar Beisser a good prospect for protection work?
     A- Yes, Boar Beisser’s grow to be very protective of their home & family & can make for a very powerful & formidable protection dog. When properly trained, the boar beisser can bring the same intensity & ferocity into man work as it has when catching hogs & doing predator control!
7. Q- Will my Boar Beisser get along with my other dogs, chickens, &  or livestock?
     A- If you raise your Boar Beisser puppy up with your other dogs, (& let him know from an early age what you expect of him behavior wise) then it has all the potential to get along very well. Typically males & females will get along better than two dogs of the same sex. If you bring a large aggressive dog in after your Boar Beisser is grown & already set in his ways, then it’s very likely you will have some problems. If raised around chickens & livestock from a puppy (along with proper training) the Boar Beisser can be conditioned to get along well with livestock.
 8. Q- Are Boar Beissers usually good with the family & children?
      A- Yes. The Boar Beisser can make a great family dog, they are very friendly & fun loving with their human families. As with any large & powerful dog breed, it’s imperative that firm training is established at an early age so that your dog will grow into a controlled & well behaved adult.
9. Q- How big will my Boar Beisser get?
     A- The average weight for an adult male Boar Beisser is between 85-140 lbs. Females average 75-110 lbs.
10. Q- What is the life expectancy of a Boar Beisser?
       A- A healthy specimen should easily reach 12-14 years.
11. Q- Who would the Boar Beisser be best suited for?
       A- The Boar Beisser was originally bred to assist hunters, ranchers, & farmers, however with the extreme grit, drive, power, & athleticism the breed has come to be known for, it is really starting to grab the attention of  protection dog enthusiast & people looking for a dependable family guardian.