The Boar Beisser Breed Standard

Breed History – The Boar Beisser (also known as Price Boar Beisser) is a Predator Defense Dog, Farm Guard, Catch Dog, & Protection Dog developed by the Price Family in the rural farmland of Eastern N.C. The breed was developed with a combination of  bloodlines from the German Rottweiler, Johnson American Bulldog, & American Pit Bull Terrier. The breed was founded by Jason Price of Jamesville, North Carolina, USA in 2003, The breed was recognized by the ARF in 2009, registered with the US Patent & Trademark Office in 2012, recognized by The Dog Registry of America (DRA) in 2015. Recognized by the APDR in 2018. 
About The Breed Name – Boar Beisser (pronounced: Bor-By-Zer.) is a combination of the American (English) word for wild hog-“Boar” & the Olde Germanic word for biter-“Beisser”. The boar beisser was given this name for it’s ability to catch wild hogs & also because it is a product of Both German & American Ancestry.
General Appearance – The Boar Beisser is a large, well muscled dog, athletic & powerful, He should give the impression of  strength, speed, endurance, & agility. He should have a fearless, no nonsense expression.
  Height – Males: average 25- 31 inches at the withers. Females: average 24-28 inches at the withers. (There is no limit to height as long as correct form, athleticism, & overall working ability is not compromised.)
Weight- Average weight for males is 85-140 pounds; average weight for females is 75-110 pounds, with the dogs at the lighter end being slightly better suited for hunting & catch work, & the dogs at the heavier end being better suited for “Farm Guard” type work. (There is no limit to weight as long as correct form, athleticism, & overall working ability is not compromised.)
Head- Large, broad, & powerful with a bear like expression, forehead well arched when seen in profile.
Muzzle- Square & strong with a slight taper. The jaws should be very well developed & extremely powerful housing large strong teeth that meet in a scissor or even bite, a slight (close fitting) underbite is also allowed. ( Teeth lost or broken while working should not be penalized.)
Nose- Wide open nostrils. Any color acceptable.
Eyes- Almond in shape. No preference in color, heterochromia (two different colored eyes) is also allowed.
Ears- Pendant, small in proportion & set well apart. (Cropped ears are also accepted.)
Coat- Medium to short in length with good undercoat, some fringe allowed on rump & back legs.
Color- Any color or markings are permissible (with exception to merle). Black, tan, red, sable, white, & brindle being the most common (as well as combinations of those colors).
Neck – Medium in length. Thickly muscled & extraordinarily strong. Throat can be moderately wrinkled.
Back- Short & powerful with a slight slope from withers to croup.
Shoulders- Broad & Muscular.
Body – Muscular with a broad Chest, ribs well sprung with deep brisket. The lower stomach line lightly tucked up.
Fore Legs – Well set, muscular & strongly boned with straight strong pasterns.
Rear Legs – Powerful, robust, & Very thickly muscled with sturdy stifles leading into hocks with good angulation.
Feet – Should be large & strong.
Tail – Should be docked to approximately 1/4 of the original length.
Gait- The Boar Beisser should be very agile, he should move fast, sure, & powerful with a strong fore reach & a powerful rear drive.
Description – The Boar Beisser Dog is a Predator Defense Dog. It’s a dog bred to defend its master & it’s master’s Family & property from large & dangerous predators like wolves & bears as well as eliminate farm pariah & nuisance animals such as coyotes, coons, & nutria. The Boar Beisser is bred to have the courage & boldness to meet an attack from a large predator head on, it has the size & durability to withstand the brunt of the attack, & the grit & resolve necessary to stay the course until the danger is eliminated! The Boar Beisser has a very high prey drive as well as defensive drive, that when focused into protection work, can make the Boar Beisser a real force to recon with! As its name implies, a well-trained Boar Beisser is a very powerful & highly effective catch dog for hogs. They are most typically worked in a catch team of one male & one female. Essentially the Boar Beisser is the working dog of the outdoorsman, right at home guarding the farm or camp throughout the night & has all the endurance & perseverance needed to move over rough territory for long treks throughout the day. 
Character- Fearless & self-confident, the Boar Beisser is a dog that is intelligent with a strong willingness to work. He is a dog of extreme hardiness that is tough & diligent. The Boar Beisser can be quite dog & animal aggressive due to the nature of work that he is bred for, & the gladiator type dogs that make up his ancestry.
Serious Faults – Fearfulness or shyness, Lack of proportion, undersized, deafness, Blindness, swayback, slight bone, narrow skull, lack of substance, aggression towards owner, aggression towards the children of the family, Sluggish or sloppy gait, lack of energy or dullness, undershot or Wry jaw, Hip dysplacia, cow hocked, Dwarfism or any other malformation or breeding extreme that could hinder his working ability.
Cosmetic flaws –  slight overbite or underbite, hocks that lack good angulation. One or both ears erect or partially erect. (on uncropped dogs.)
Breed Notes –
 * Scars received while working & hunting should be seen as a badge of courage & Shouldn’t be penalized.
* When locating game the Boar Beisser is usually quiet on the trail. The Boar Beisser is usually a hot track style of hunter.